At the same time as the development of the Digiset system,
the Hell company also had to develop typefaces that could
also be exposed by the typesetting system, which is unique in
the world.
For this purpose, a new department,  "Fonts Department"
with up to 50 employees was set up.
The following articles will describe the development of the
new fonts.
Creating fonts: Do it yourself
     2 pages out of  Klischograph 1970 ;   599 Kbyte


  Do it Yourself 1970
New fonts for Digiset
     2 pages out of  Klischograph 1975  ;   840 Kbyte
New fonts for Digiset
     1 page out of  Klischograph 1976  ;   680 Kbyte
More and more Digiset fonts
     2 pages out of  Klischograph 1976  ;  840 Kbyte
  Immer mehr Digiset Schriften 1976
Digiset fonts, the new generation
     1 pages out of  Klischograph 1977  ;    1,1 Mbyte
Digiset fonts: very flexible to deliver
     2 pages out of  Klischograph 1978  ;   880 Kbyte
Extended range of fonts for Digiset
     1 page out of  Klischograph 1980  ;       485 Kbyte
Typefaces yesterday and today
     3 pages out of  "Hell aktuell" Nr. 110 ;
       1989   ;   1,2 Mbyte
      An excursus on hieroglyphs for modern
      European writing
     the Hell Fonts Library 1989
      this includes over 1400 different fonts
      German and English
      Typography Schriftenbibliothek 1989