Text editing and correction


For a few years after the broad acceptance of the mechanical setting
machines (e.g. Linotype), special typewriters with perforated strip
output (perforators) are offered (from 1928, keyword Teletypesetter).
The punch strips control the setting machines, resulting in a much
higher typesetting speed.
Only from the emerge of monitors in the 1970s text will be electronically
acquired , until then, the punch tape is the only text data input possibility
for the Digiset.
From 1977 there is the possibility of electronic text input for the Digiset.


Details of the workflow of the text capture and its correction are described
in the article:
                 „Von der Linotype zum Digiset
               "From the Linotype to the Digiset".
A work instructions to create fonts by yourself is the following:
out of Klischograph 1/1970  ; 2 pages
An excursus from hieroglyphs to modern European writing
Schriften gestern und heute        (Hell aktuell Nr. 110/ 1989)




Text editing with punch tape output

Data terminal DS 2032

Explanations regarding text editing
     2 pages  ;  German
Data terminal DS 2038
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Design terminal  Digicomp 2062

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