Patents registered on Dr.-Ing. Rudolf Hell personal

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This list  includes all patents registered in Germany personal on
Dr. Hell as inventor.



  Patente Abstracts   Verschluesselungs Patente
Patents Abstract
Encryption Patents



Publication number   Time period of pubication
DE000000450187A to DE000000591611A   1927 to 1934
DE000000592138A to DE000000718018A   1934 to 1942
DE000000719471A to DE000000848660B   1942 to 1953
DE000000848970B to DE000000940558B   1953 to 1956
DE000000940622B to DE000000978042C1   1956 to 1976
DE000000978065C1 to DE000001151534B   1978 to 1963
DE000001157258B to DE000002810430C3   1963 to 1981