Tango (Primescan) (1997)  

The Tango scanner, which was later renamed Primescan, is a drum scanner with a vertical drum, requiring only a small floor area. The scanner has only a scanning drum, and it is linked to a computer which stores the scanned pictures digitally. By means of a job planning software, many pictures, which are mounted on the drum, can be scanned and stored automatically with different scale factors. The pictures can be scanned with a very high resolution, up to 11,000 dpi.

As usual today, further processing of the pictures like color separation, color correction, and screening is done by software.




Video: Tango in action


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Already old but still so young:

In January 2021, this scanner family can still be operated on PC and
MAC workstations with the SilverFast software made by LaserSoft Imaging from Kiel.