Identograph K 142 (1977)  
  Also the Identograph K 142 works according to the principle of the Klischograph, to engrave forgery-proof pictures into identity cards. The material for the identity card is for example white plastic, covered with a dark coating. The cuts of varying size, which the stylus engraves into the surface, render the picture with a screen appearance.  


 Kulturdenkmal SH en

  The picture original and the identity card are mounted side by side on a table, which moves back and forth, which results in a right-reading engraving. The picture is scanned photoelectrically and the amplified scanning signal controls the engraving stylus.   Identograph technik  


  Demonstration of Identograph K 142

  The internal mechanism of K 142

  Pictures about the repair of the teeth belt



Operation manual K 142

Bedienungsanleitung K 141  (German)