Hellschreiber GL 80 (1960)

The Hellschreiber 80 is a further development of the Hellschreiber GL 72. The main improvements are the use of semiconductor electronics (no more electron tubes) as well as a 5-channel paper tape reader, so that text punched in normal teletype 5-bit-code can be sent. However, the text is transmitted with the Hellschreiber method, i.e. as a pixel matrix.

The Hellschreiber 80 uses an improved resolution with a 7 x 9 pixel matrix. No notched disks are used any more. Instead, the characters are converted into the pixel image by means of an electronic circuit, which applies a core memory to store the pixel matrices.

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Also, the Hellschreiber 80 combines transmitter and receiver in one device.
For military use, the device is housed in an aluminium case.

A special version was used in NATO.

Demonstration of Hellschreiber GL 80