Wirephoto receiver CAempf 982/1A60  
  As the name implies, wire-photo devices can transmit documents having grey tone or color value pixels, i.e. black-and-white pictures or color pictures.
The CA 982 telephoto receiver records the signals received from the telephoto transmitter on photo paper with a controllable light source. These devices were used in large numbers by press agencies for the rapid transmission of current images.

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Within the editorial office the transmitted image is recorded on photo paper by the wirephoto receiver. Image data lines from public image telegraph offices or the image data lines from press agencies were used for transmission.
Wirephoto devices were not only used in press environments for the transmission of actual pictures, but also in many cases by police departments for transmitting police portraits and fingerprints.
After the first weather satellites became available, wire-photo receivers were also used for recording satellite pictures.