from 1st of July until 11th of November 2017


At the beginning of 2017 our association was introduced to a free space
of about 80 square meters in the industrial area of Schönberg. All
necessary supply connections were present; including sanitary facilities!
After a few discussions, we have been allowed to use one part of this
room for repair purposes. A bit later, the owner decided to give us the
whole room for a limited period of time for exhibition purpose. Of course,
thankfully we accepted the offer and were able to realize our (small)
dream of a longer-term exhibition on 1st of July 2017.

Ausstellungsraum aussena


- In the tourist offices from Kiel, Laboe, Schönberg up to Hohenwacht
    we have laid out 800 flyers.
- We sent information to eleven schools.
- The exhibition was open on 27 days.
- 230 visitors expressed their great interest by asking many detailed
Contribution to this success was done by our Club members:
Eggert Jung, Dieter Mühlenbruch, Andreas Müller, Dieter Preuss and Ralf Tiede.

Our special thanks go to Mr. Buchholz for the arrangement of this room.
Impressions of the exhibition