Museum night 2006


Experience the Kiel museums in a completely different way - that's what the people of Kiel and all other interested parties were able to do on the Museum Night on Friday, August 25th. The Kiel museums again invited to a nocturnal exploration of their houses. The night owls had the opportunity to take part in guided tours between 7 p.m. and midnight, to take part in art events, to listen to readings and lectures and to experience exciting experiments. 23 institutions took part in the seventh Kiel Museum Night, including us, the Hell-Verein Kiel, in cooperation with the Computer Museum Kiel.

With over 1,200 visitors (despite the "Kiel rainy weather"), our most visited exhibition to date. The exhibition on more than 100 m2 took place from 7:00 p.m. to approx. 12:15 a.m. in the media dome of the FH Kiel (almost 200m away from the former Hell-Werk I). A lecture hall with a video projector and seating for over 100 people was available for presentations. A great success for our association, as we were able to welcome not only numerous former Hell employees but also many young people who were very interested in the topic "Technology from Hell in Kiel" at our stand.

At the exhibition we have Hellschreiber from different eras from our collection (the
1st from 1929, an opened Hellschreiber GL and a NATO Hellschreiber 80 from 1968
in new condition), fax machines from the 50s (KF108) and 70s (HF1048). , Morse transmitters, Morse recorders, keyhole punches, a teletypewriter, various original newspaper clippings and numerous brochures and product brochures from all eras.
As part of a projector demonstration (at the stand and in the lecture hall), we
showed exemplary devices and their function and gave an overview of the life
and work of Dr. Hell.