Recorder R 3020/R 3030
This recorder was developed as part of the DC 3000 product family. This is one of the Hell company' s last
drum recorders.
As already described under scanner S 3010, this
recorder is used in two operating variants.
In "direct" mode, the image data are fed directly from
the scanner; an electronic shaft guarantees synchronous running with the scanner.
In "system" mode, the image data are supplied by a
repro system computer or a PC.

The third version R 3020 PS or R 3030 PS is equipped with a RIP. Therefore these devices are PostScript capable.
R 3020 / R 3030 catalogue 1993                German

  Kulturdenkmal SH en




Introduction to the DC 3000 family

Pictures of the laser of recorder R 3020 / 3030