Die Strukturbrüche der Reproduktionstechnik


 Hanns - Peter Schöbel  | Am Bildstock 21 |  D 77746 Schutterwald |  im Jahr 2017


The following two articles succinctly show the development of reproduction technology from the beginning
of communication through images (cave painting) to wood/stone printing and movable type to today's technology, in which pre-press and actual printing are strongly fused.

Structural breaks in prepress (reproduction)  (German)

Reading sample:

Structural breaks in communication techniques have been observed since the 13th century when printing forms (image/text) were produced for the reproduction of manuscripts and drawn images. New printing techniques replaced the existing ones..

The complete article as PDF  (396 Kbyte)    (German)


On the occasion of our general meeting/general information event on October 18, 2017, Mr. Schöbel gave a short presentation on the same topic. This representation makes the speed of change in the entire reproduction and printing technology particularly clear.

The presentation as PDF       (2,2 Mbyte)    (German)